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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wondering ..

What if the days pass
without you ?
what if they seem endless
when you are not there?

what if the world is still
only around you
what if it feels helpless
when you don't care?

what if i only hear your whispers
in my ears like a prayer
what if it gets worthless
when you know its just unfair

what if i breathe your fragrance
identified with my incense
what if i become breathless
when your absence absorbs my air

what if i need my freedom
to fly enchained in your acceptance
what if i refill my emptiness
with your everlasting stare

what if you broke my spell
and rested in my arms
what if i crashed your shell
and put on your skin
as my fashion wear

what if we are the mystical taboo
first initials of an eternal tattoo
pined in my skin
engraved in my soul
you have it all
written in my book of wisdom
as the spell of innocence
revealed in the rituals of resistance
as for my questions
tattooed are the answers
wondering in a moment of clarity
if only we would dare
to share our insanity
as a legitimate plead for revolution.

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