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Monday, March 22, 2010

Within me..

fly in my arms
so that i can always hold you
die in my arms
so that i can always mourn you

hide in my hair
breathe in my skin
hold me if you dare
commit the unforgiven sin

be my wicked angel
and my guardian devil
sink in my freezing pains
run in my injured veins

hold on to the falling star
make a birthday wish
break a new year jar
celebrate the feast of solitude
venerate the beast of gratitude

strike my heart
with one more beat
end where i start,
If it makes you feel complete

dance on my shaking floor
u just cant open that magical door
turn around in my circles
alone you stand
so loud are your whispers

spell my name
win your game
playing by the rules
is always for the fools

shake me to the bone
hold me when you feel alone
when i know you are crying
inhale your life
when i know we are dying

stand on my grave
o you brought flowers..!
one tear you try to save
for a life that was once ours.


Adam said...

The last 3 poems were impressive both lyrically and conceptually!

stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much Adam..i am spreading wider wings now..i feel released,so guys,bare with me..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

What i love about your writing is it's no holds barred!
Some unabashedly awesome stuff:D

Mohib Ahmad said...

A nice poem full of selfless love.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you are beyond your bars yourself! ;)

stairway to heaven said...

i think that selfless love is the real kind of love that never really ends,even with heart survives all kinds of human selfish distractions..:)

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