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Sunday, March 21, 2010


She heated the pan
adding some sugar
and few drops of milk
a piece of butter
stirring it slow
excited to star the show
the evening was rising
she lit some candles
her moonlight was shinning
staring at the mixture
revealing an adventure
music and caramel
glowing like a seashell
the ramblings or her soul
were melting within that bowl
when she poured the chocolate sauce
the colors embraced in an intimate cross
creating one more shade
celebrating his entry parade
he threw his coat on the chair
"will he notice what i wear?"
she smiled at his sight
"what a long night.." he said
as he went straight to bed
she turned on the light
blowing off the candles
poured some tears in her shell
along with the chocolate caramel
placing the bowl in the steaming fridge.


Maha said...

You portrayed that scene in an outstanding way. My heart bleeds for her and the many other women who make others the center of their universes, and they turn out quite unworthy of that love

stairway to heaven said...

yes Maha..that is what i wanted to say,we can't keep going on waiting for love ,it has to look for us in a real way.her disappointment hurts me as much. it is a sensitive poem,so glad it reached you. you have many admirers in my friends who read u too. you are really talented :)

Mohib Ahmad said...

The best thing about this poem is about its realness but, it's not reasoning the guy's behavior & completely centered on the lady's whims & fancies & so, it's biased with the feminine but still, I liked it the most of all your other poems! :)

PS: I never knew there was a sauce for chocolate too! :D

stairway to heaven said...

haha..i was concentrating on the woman's dissapointed feelings at him not noticing her tiny details,that is my insight about it.i believe that nothing can justify hurting even tiny bits of so much loving in such small things normally done by a woman more then a man to show her emotions.And yeah,chocolate sauce is a secret ingredient for pleasure :)

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