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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Meeting..

I don't sleep well
I don't feel like eating
there isn't much to tell
except that we had a meeting
your eyes and i got together
only for a minute,that felt forever
they were sending rays of tender
holding me,i could barely whisper
I kept wondering about the fate
trying to hardly concentrate
but they have just invaded me
not giving me a chance to flee
trapped in your eyes
I had nowhere to go
they are not that big in size
but they are all the world i know..!
I took the long way home
thinking about the stranger i see
shining in the mirror of the car
and i don't really know the one in me
I see two eyes that are bright
that have a problem every night
starring at the ceiling
nursing the baby feeling
watching it grow
to something i know
that could easily hurt
and could always break a heart
but when they smiled at me
I had no better place to be
even if i don't sleep that well
and i don't feel like eating
there will always be so much to tell
about this lifetime meeting.


Maha said...

How sweet! You fall in love with different people at different times of your life but it's only with very few that you get that feeling in your chest, when you stutter while talking and slur your words, when you can't stop orienting your thoughts around the beloved.

stairway to heaven said...

so true ya is this kind of taking over that this love can do to you that makes it miraculously worth anything ..:) can't help admiring you sensitive insight dear ..:)

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