Always on My Mind you baby...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You left early
leaving my thoughts in a mess
The untidy anger,
is a naughty boy
that keeps destroying
all my castles of hope
i build on your shore

The powerful confusion
is a complicated toy,
that keeps entertaining
all my secured fairy-tales
i hang in your store

The ravishing longing
is a sweetheart princess,
that enjoys scrapping
all my painted sheets
i slip at your floor

The dazzling desire
is the harsh burning fire
like a daring beauty queen
that is submitting all my resistance
when i hear your steps at my door

Time pass on me
in your absence
locked in my nursery
inspiring your presence
mumbling our vows as prayers
cuddling the new born memory
babysitting my loneliness
until you finally come home.


Anonymous said...

Your last series of posts are impressive in both imagery and emotion. Cheers.

stairway to heaven said...

i get haunted with my imagery and the emotions are too overwhelming ..i m humbled you like it Adam..cant thank u enough for your support..cheers to you..;)

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