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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing the train...

Water falls
endlessly in the marble fountain
In my anxious calls
expectations bend like a raising burden
the running dais rolls
in a desperate attempt for luck
towards me

The freezing heat
cubed my mind
As a dying beat
on the gates of time
one reserved seat
is left just for me

Missing you again
invites my weakness
begging the pain
being the powerful and the helpless
the running train
ran in a blink and missed me

Standing alone
in a crowded station
carving a stone
with two dates and one abbreviation
the awakening moan of your eyes,
embraced me

It is an endless chase
for me to win
a heartless race
a forgiven sin
I vanished,when the crowded space
within you swallowed me

Your thunder cries
for my savior rains
your restless whys
are reasoning my lies
that rise and engrave me

Now the falls have dried
my burdened calls were somehow denied
when your shadow by my side
held me..
as i watched the train leaving
an empty subway station.


joehebden said...

Well written poem.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you,glad you liked it..:)

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