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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family ties..

More music
louder beats
a song after the other
like a sister and a brother
they keep you company
in your silent agony
you can feel their attempts
but you don't seem to bother
since all you are craving for
is the abandoned feeling of motherhood

More writing
longer sheets
a thought after the other
like a son and a daughter
they consume your heart and soul
making way to their resisting call
but it doesn't seem to matter
since all you are looking for
is the invested feeling of fatherhood

More waiting
tighter seats
a minute after the other
like the old time mates brainpower
they keep nagging your memories
reviving their distance with intimate melodies
but you lost track of the hour
since all you are hoping for
is the comforted absence of longitude

More and more
shaking to the core
inhabited anxiety
exhibited intensity
I researched my space
for a settling spot
re appealed your case
for one more shot
as a lawyer and a judge
you were excused
I was confused
celebrating your innocence
I burnt in your name my scented incense
blaming my parental ignorance
adjusting my birth certificate
inserting your title in all the slots
as my documented family.

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