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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gardens of Eden..

The trees grow tall
all hard and green
the leaves don't fall
the yard is filled with hopes
young dreams
live streams
freezing the moments of victory
eyes attached to the screen
hearts melting with every scene
numbers strike
losers hike
reloading their power
recharging the extreme desire
to have it all
to grow as tall
beating the score
that is worth to fight for
their limits beyond the stars
retaining the past life scars
while the crowd was cheering
his face was shinning
with infinite glow
still more miles to go
the roses blossom in their time
the words dance in a perfect rhyme
the night was his
and so was the glory
it was not just another story
of a leader or a team
it is more then just a dream
that is to be even
in the Gardens of Eden.

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stairway to heaven said...

this poem was inspired from the big champs of the cricket game the KKR team owned by the legendary Shahrukhan, as they lost many times last year but this year they are winning their matches with power and strength.their presistance inspired me,the road to victory is long but it is deserving all the hardships.

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