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Sunday, March 7, 2010

In the Shower..

I had my morning coffee
read the daily papers
jogged for an hour
then i had a shower
drops of water covered my face
cold and heated
a tale to be repeated
within my hair
my dream was told
your manly addiction
to touching my hair
made up my feminine fiction
of making you dare
a habit of madness
to fulfill my nonsense
the long lines of soap
merged on my skin
like a dreadful sin
the memories rushed by
in a festival parade
to celebrate your presence
as the pharaoh of my kingdom
the creator of insanity
yet the source of my wisdom
dripped in the heated shower falls
i heard your calls
your voice was everywhere
as i was drying my hair
while on the steamed mirror
i drew a heart
and a cupid arrow
with your initial and mine
a shiver ran to my spine
as i felt your arms around my waste
only my tears i could taste
sweet n sauer
inviting my power
so as to do one more step
and get out of the shower.


divyanshu said...

gradually i am becoming a fan of yours...i just could imagine the whole description you was really wow....and quite sensual..keep the good work..felt really good that i can read your poems...

stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much div for your words..i m really touched..:)

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