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Friday, March 5, 2010

In the tub..

she got into the tub
with million thoughts to rub
filled with milk and wine
lotus musk and scented pine
sank in the steamed silence
longing the depth of madness
purified by the sacred libation
she is the answer to the equation

dressed or undressed
for she is cursed and blessed
veiled with wisdom
revealed insanity
embraced by a phantom
seeking identity

she closed her eyes
drowned in disguise
dancing colors she saw
all intense
making sense
she crashed her cell
in her mind is hell
like the screaming silence
the scented candles
rejoiced with the aroma
the dream is folded
with the shivering glow
and the water flow..
stirring her freezing fire
in the heat of the tub.


Larveek said...

I love this poem...really u have a knack for poems...and love how u capture their essence individually~

stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much larv..this piece is so special,it is intimate and glad it reaches well..:)

Anonymous said...

There you go! Very nice work, Abeer :)

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