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Monday, March 1, 2010

The cold sweat..

She crawled into the covers
running away from the moments
shutting the time off
trying to avoid what is evident
his touches were fire
like holding the burning coal
she held her heart
how can he be this close
yet as far as the sky
if only she could fly
the cold sweat was pouring
like the falls of summer nights
every inch of her was shaking
as he tried harder
bruises of her soul
were bleeding
he pressed her skin
how long has it been
endless pressure
aborted pleasure
her muscles contracted
like a dried leaf
that was crashed by a storm
the sheets are warm
crippled in her own shell
she erased the black lined tears
she was the bride of the years
carrying the conceived humiliation
burdened with pride
and sacrificed
to the temple of Solitude.

Me paso la vida pensando
en lo bueno y lo malo
mi mente está triste
me siento algo extraña
mi cuerpo se agota, mi alma lo nota
de ver en el mundo
mentiras de otras bocas
la loca envidia que trae la mentira
palabras tan falsas
que por mi mente pasan, hoy pasan.

Hace tanto daño la envidia, es el principal virus de la sociedad, pocos resisten ver la felicidad ajena, verdad?

her voice captures me in a profound way.

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LarveeK said...

I like them all sweetie..x

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